Sometimes it seems like, cinematically, there isn’t all that much to look forward to these days. One thing that might be fun, though, is John Wick 4. So far it has been a decent franchise, with three instalments and a body count off the charts.

Keanu Reeves has been nailing it as John Wick and audiences have responded. Some new images from this upcoming fourth instalment have appeared in Total Film magazine, including some behind the scenes shots.




Reeves has said about John Wick 4 that there will be a lot more vehicle mayhem in this new chapter. Talking to Total Film he said:

“We took the car driving to the next level, which I really enjoy. There’s 180s, forward-into-reverse 180s, reverse-into-forward 270s, drifting … [It] was really fun to get a chance to learn those skills, and to play.”

It seems that Reeves has spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a car, practicing and honing his skills, so it will be him in most of the scenes and not a stunt double. It seems like Tom Cruise isn’t the only Last Action Hero in Hollywood.

John Wick 4 will be out 24th March later this year.

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