Based On Tom Cooper’s Novel

Anonymous Content has put in development a limited series adaptation of Tom Cooper’s novel Florida Man, with Joel Edgerton set to star and executive produce.

Though the phrase “Florida Man” tends to come with quite a chaotic and surreal story attached to it, this one doesn’t sound quite so crazy, although it does navigate sinkholes, an amusement theme park, and a few secrets.

Here’s the official synopsis for Tom Hooper’s dark comedy novel Florida Man, which was published earlier this year –

“Florida, circa 1980. Reed Crowe, the eponymous Florida Man, is a middle-aged beach bum, beleaguered and disenfranchised, living on ill-gotten gains deep in the jungly heart of Florida. When sinkholes start opening on Emerald Island, not only are Reed Crowe’s seedy businesses—a moribund motel and a shabby amusement park—endangered, but so are his secrets. Crowe, amateur spelunker, begins uncovering artifacts that change his understanding of the island’s history, as well as his understanding of his family’s birthright as pioneering homesteaders.”

Edgerton has been acting in feature films for most of his career, but when he was still just an actor in Australia, he starred in The Secret Life Of Us. More recently, Edgerton took a role in Barry Jenkins’ series The Underground Railroad at Amazon.

We’ll bring you more on this when we find out.