The Zack Snyder’s cut of The Justice League has come and gone. Now fans want a Snyder trilogy for whatever reason. However, the DCEU is a mess hanging on by a thread and Warner Bros. is holding the scissors, ready to cut the string. I swear WB looks to destroy everything they make. It’s a surprise we ever got the Dark Knight trilogy.

In an alternate universe, Justice League was good and we’d be seeing Ben Affleck in a standalone Batman movie with Deathstroke as the antagonist, played by Joe Manganiello. With any luck, it would be better than what we got in Batman: Arkham Origins. Unfortunately, that’s not happening. All the way down to Manganiello taking on the role of Slade Wilson, in any compacity.

As villains go in DC, Deathstroke is one of the more iconic. In the comics, he’s the archenemy to Teen Titans and has gone toe to toe with the likes of Batman, Green Arrow and The Justice League. He’s been depicted in the animated Teen Titans series, voiced by Ron Perlman. He also made his mark in the “Arrowverse,” played by Manu Bennett and Esai Morales.

So naturally, fans were excited to see him portrayed on the big screen, in the post-credits scene of Justice League’s original cut. The mixed reception for the movie ended up taking the winds out of the… Batglider. When the Snyder cut was released, it brought back a lot of that excitement and anticipation, from the fans and no one else. Snyder doesn’t seem interested, the studio definitely isn’t interested and it seems neither is Manganiello.

Joe Manganiello

During an interview with ComingSoon, Manganiello made it clear about what he thinks about returning as Deathstroke.

“No, I let that go a while ago.”

That’s it, that’s the news. Manganiello was set to take on the role in two different movies for DC. First was Ben Affleck’s (now scrapped) The Batman, which now looks like a trainwreck waiting to happen, with Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader and directed by Matt Reeves. Manganiello was also supposed to star in a solo Deathstroke movie as well. Another project canned after the debacle that is the DCEU.

The DCEU is a dumpster fire and the “Snyderverse” didn’t do anything to put out those flames, but there was at least some promise with bringing Deathstroke in as a villain. Personally, I’m tired of The Joker and would have loved to see a Batman versus Deathstroke movie. Maybe use his standalone movie to bring Green Arrow into the fold?

There’s no telling where the DCEU goes from here. WB and DC do have a few movies in the pipe, getting ready to release. The Flash, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and Black Adam are all set to release in 2022. Also Shazam! Fury of the Gods is slated for a 2023 release.

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