Stephen Fry’s semi-autobiographical novel, called The Liar, is coming to the big screen. The newest cast member is Jeff Goldblum.

The movie plot is:

An account of a public schoolboy whose proficiency in the fibbing department, and the fallout from a schoolboy crush, opens up a marvellous fictional world of espionage.

The movie stars Asa Butterfield, Jeff Goldblum, Charles Dance, Rupert Everett, Sally Phillips, David Walliams, and Miles Jupp. It has been written and directed by Tony Hagger and is based on the novel by Stephen Fry of the same name.

The book was originally published in 1991 and was Fry’s debut novel. It has been noted for its wit and humor, as well as its outrageous references to homosexuality.

The Liar, the movie, will also be a comedy. Adrian Healey (Butterfield), will play the smug public schoolboy, compulsive liar, and Oscar Wilde wannabe who plays pranks and games on his friends. He becomes embroiled in an international case of espionage with his university professors. Adrian meets Professor Trefusis, who may or may not be a spy.

Fry was pleased to hear that Goldblum had joined the cast:

“I hiccupped with delight when I heard that Jeff Goldblum had accepted the role of Donald Trefusis. That uniquely perfect mixture of authority, eccentricity, intelligence, humour and charm is just what the character calls for… hurrah.”

The director, Hagger, added:

“It’s such a thrill to work with a genuine Hollywood legend who will bring the perfect kooky mystery to the role of Trefusis. I can’t wait to see Asa and Jeff working together; it’ll be very special and very funny.”

Filming for The Liar is due to start filming next month in London.

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