But Without The Muscles From Brussels

Netflix has announced that Welcome To Sudden Death is down for a June 2020 release. The movie will be a reimaging, of sorts, and will unsurprisingly take on a “new spin” of 1995’s Sudden Death which starred Jean Claude Van Damme.

Sudden Death was one of JCVD’s better movies but it was also panned by critics, garnering some fairly hostile reviews. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote:

“Despite elaborate stunts, a go-go direction from [director] Peter Hyams, plus butt-kicking and surprise goalie action from Van Damme, [Sudden Death] deserves the hockey-puck booby prize for… getting its jollies putting kids in danger.”

Welcome To Sudden Death is slated for a June 2020 release and will star Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) and comic Gary Owen (Daddy Day Care).

Netflix announced it in a statement on Tuesday:

Welcome To Sudden Death, promising a ‘new spin’ that’s equally ‘martial arts heavy… [but] with a comedic twist’ on the original premise of a public servant foiling a (domestic) terrorist plot to bomb a packed arena during the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals.”

Here’s the 1995 trailer:

I know absolutely nothing about Hockey schedules, but I believe when this is released on Netflix, it will either overlap with a portion of the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals or make its debut soon after the series is settled.

Production of Welcome To Sudden Death begins this week in Winnipeg, Manitoba—with Dallas Jackson (Thriller) directing and Griff First producing for Universal 1140 and Netflix.