Netflix has released the first official trailer for a new French action film called The Last Mercenary from filmmaker David Charhon.

It’s been a few years since Jean-Claude Van Damme was last onscreen in an action role, and far longer since he was at the height of his action hero career. However, he’s back again in this new action-comedy.

A mysterious former secret service agent known as “La Brume” (or “The Mist”) must urgently return to France when his estranged son is falsely accused of arms and drug trafficking by the government, following a blunder by an overzealous bureaucrat and a mafia operation.

Here’s the trailer:

The official Netflix synopsis reads:

“Richard Brumère (Van Damme), aka “La Brume” (or “The Mist”), a former French secret service special agent turned mercenary, is back in the saddle as the immunity he was granted 25 years earlier for his son Archibald is lifted. A mob operation threatens Archibald’s life. To save him, Richard will have to reach out to his old contacts, join forces with a bunch of reckless youngsters from the projects and an offbeat bureaucrat – but mostly find the courage to let Archibald know he’s his father.”

The Last Mercenary

Discussing the project, Van Damme said –

The Last Mercenary is an incredibly exciting project and allows me to take on a new genre,”

“I’ve always been a fan of Jean-Paul Belmondo and I hope to take up the torch of action comedy in my own way. David Charhon’s script brings all these elements together in a very successful way – a beautiful story with emotion, a lot of action and a lot of humor.”

“I’m also very happy to work alongside a new generation of talent such as Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla and Samir Decazza.”

Starring alongside JCVD is Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla, Samir Decazza, Patrick Timsit, Eric Judor, and Miou-Miou.

The Last Mercenary, also known as Le Dernier Mercenaire in French, is directed by French filmmaker Charhon, director of the films Cyprien, On the Other Side of the Tracks, and Les Naufragés. The screenplay is written by David Charhon and Ismaël Sy Savané.

The Last Mercenary

The Last Mercenary will be available to stream on Netflix on July 30th.

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