Hanoi Jane just can’t help herself.  If there’s a protest, there she is with her placard.  Many people go through this phase, usually at college where their comfortable middle-class radicalism stretches to wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and cutting off your white-dreadlocks in shame at cultural appropriation.  Then you come home, get a job and grow up.

Not so in the creative industries.  These people can carry on their student-level simplistic politics way into their middle-age and beyond.  It’s why so many of them have been so keen to step off their private jets and go straight to an Extinction Rebellion protest.  Here they can take their programming update from a sixteen-year-old with a mental development problem with a group of Scandinavian millionaires behind her that all stand to make a lot of money out of government grants for “Green” issues.

At the Britannia Awards in Beverly Hills, celebrating the British film industry and its considerable impact on Hollywood, Jane Fonda made quite an impact.  And she wasn’t even there!

The 81-year-old received The Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award For Excellence In Film,  but was not there to accept the award in person from Taron Egerton.  This is because she had been arrested for the third Friday in a row at a climate change rally on the lawn of the Capitol Building.

She submitted a thank you video that included footage of her accepting the award while being arrested and placed in cuffs at the protest.

The clip drew a standing ovation at the awards, just like Harvey Weinstein at the Oscars.

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