James Gunn has sparked rumors on social media that the classic Kingdom Come story is on his radar for DC

Gunn recently updated the cover image on his Hive Social profile page to that of an Alex Ross illustration from his and Mark Waid’s sublime comic from 1996.

Now, I’m not sure what Hive is, but I’m guessing it’s where all the cry babies go now that Elon Musk is slowly restoring free speech to Twitter… *braces oneself for the incoming comments about Alex Jones in the comments section.

James Gunn Hive

James Gunn Listens To Eggy

Now, I’m not one to boast but as the hundreds and thousands of you who tune in to the Livestream would know, I did actually predict this. I sat down with Boba Phil and we discussed Superman and Gunn’s recent comments about building a 10-year story arc for DC. 

I said that considering the current ages of the main stars – Cavill 39, Affleck 50, Momoa 43, Gadot 37, Fisher 35, and Miller 30 (provided he lives for another 10 years), this would make them all near-perfect age to play their characters from the Elseworlds series.

It would seem that Jimmy Gunn was tuning in and hanging on to my every word which gave him that lightbulb moment he was waiting for. I expect a credit in 10 years Jimbo!

What Is Kingdom Come?

I appreciate that some of you have no idea what Kingdom Come is and because it’s early and I have a stacked work schedule to get through today, I will use the power of Wikipedia and cut and paste to explain.

The story is set in the near future and a new generation of heroes has lost their moral compass, becoming as reckless and violent as the villains they fight. Imagine the battle of Smallville from Man Of Steel on a daily basis.

Kingdom Come 2

The previous regime of heroes has long since abandoned being at the forefront of the Justice League and Superman himself is in a self-imposed exile. This comes after the rise and strong public support of a new superhero named Magog, who has no qualms about killing. Something Superman wants no part of.

However, after a battle between Magog and Parasite that leaves much of the American Midwest irradiated, killing millions and destroying a large portion of the United States’ food production, Superman is coaxed back into action by Wonder Woman to teach the new heroes about responsibility and their role in the world.

Kingdom Teams

Long story short, this leads to a civil war between Team Superman and Team Batman who typically have opposing views on interfering with the new world. Behind the scenes, we have Lex Luthor pulling strings and using Shazam as his minion.

All this ultimately leads to a literal biblical day of judgment as the old and the new battle it out and the entire world is at risk. 

Kingdom Come 3

Don’t Eff This Up DC

Not only is Kingdom Come incredible but the artwork from Alex Ross is astonishing. So much so that way back in 1996 when I was 22 years old, like most of you, I was more interested in wine women and song than I was in comics and the superheroes I grew up worshipping.

By pure fluke, I stumbled across Kingdom Come one day and was so taken aback by its genius and stunning artwork that it quite literally made me fall in love with comics and superheroes all over again.

I have a limited edition Alex Ross Superman statue (only 5000 made), Kingdom Come Superman tattoo, T-shirts, spin-off comics, the whole lot – nerd Level 1000.

Superman Statue

If Gunn does indeed intend on using Kingdom Come as DC’s centerpiece over the next 10 years, it could easily be DC fans’ Endgame and dare I say it, better.

Part of me wants these teases from Gunn to be real but it also fills me with dread. If this is your plan DC, for the love of Jor-El, you better get this right and stay true to the source material!

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