I hate myself and so I was cruising Twitter when I saw “Adam Warlock” trending. Naturally, I clicked on it. Turns out, The Illuminerdi posted an article claiming that James Gunn has started casting for Adam Warlock who will finally appear in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The article claims that Marvel is looking to cast someone in their 30s and Caucasian.

The Illuminerdi can exclusively reveal that Marvel is looking to cast a thirty year-old Caucasian man, who is described as both a “super hero type” and a “Zac Efron type”, as Adam Warlock.

However, James Gunn himself commented on the post claiming none of this was true.

“There is no casting underway for Vol. 3. And in what world would I only cast a “Caucasian” if the character has gold skin? And if I wanted a Zac Efron type wouldn’t I go to Zac Efron? Where do you get this nonsense?”

Even though Gunn is dismissing this claim, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Marvel very well could have put out a casting call and nothing more. Also, it’s possible James Gunn is looking right now for someone to play Adam Warlock, but Marvel doesn’t want anything put out there yet and someone leaked the information. Who knows.

It’s obvious that Adam Warlock will be in the third movie, he was mentioned during the end credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Although he probably should have been there in the sequel so he could be in Avengers: Infinity War.

Would have been better than Captain Marvel and would have made more sense, seeing he was a big part of the Infinity War comics.

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