Want the chance to see the first couple of episodes of Samuel L. Jackson’s new series, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, which is brought to you by Apple Studios? Here is the official trailer.

What do you think? You can pretty much always rely on Sam Jackson to turn in a great performance. The official synopsis is:

Suddenly left without his trusted caretaker, Ptolemy Grey is assigned to the care of orphaned teenager, Robyn. When they learn about a treatment that will restore Ptolemy’s memories, it begins a journey towards shocking truths.

Alongside Jackson are Walton Goggins, Nicole Lockley, Jul Kohler, Omar Benson Miller, Cythia Kaye McWilliams, and Lauen Halperin. The series is being executive produced by Jackson and is written by Walter Mosley, based on his novel.


Apple is letting people see the first two episodes, for free, if you use the link here, sign up and reply to the email – Click here to claim your free pass.

Screening details: Wednesday, 9th March at 8:00pm (CT)

Jackson never seems to be out of work. He’s got 199 acting credits on the IMDb at the moment. He is currently working on Matthew Vaughn’s Argyle and he will be back as Nick Fury in The Marvels and Secret Invasion.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey will start streaming on 11th March, unless you get to see it early with the above link.


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