Jack Ryan is coming back for a fourth season. The TV show that is based upon Tom Clancy’s famous literary character will be back on our screens soon as Amazon completed production a while ago. They are yet to set a date. Even though season three is yet to air, they have ordered the fourth season according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Amazon Studios, Paramount Television Studios, and Skydance Television co-produced the show which has a fairly massive scale and a lot of location shooting. The show tells the formative years of Jack Ryan’s career in the CIA and will be able to track his rise from analyst to… well, that’s a spoiler if you haven’t read the books!

Jack Ryan borrows some plot threads and scenes from various books but tells a largely new story. The third season will follow Ryan after he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy and suddenly finds himself a fugitive out in the cold. This could point to elements of the novels Clear And Present Danger and The Sum Of All Fears. Both of these presented Ryan as struggling against embedded interests and politics at the CIA while trying to solve a bigger puzzle.

Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly will reprise their roles. Ant-Man and Narcos: Mexico star Michael Pena will appear in multiple episodes of the new season but his character is, so far, a secret.

The quality of the show is high, but the second season raised some eyebrows with some Hollywood left-washing when it presented an inverted version of the politics of Venezuela.

Venezuela has been led by socialists for two decades, Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro. They have seen the richest petrochemical state in South America reduced to a starving husk where residents have eaten the animals in Caracas Zoo to stay alive.

Jack Ryan presented the country as being led by a right-wing nationalist, complete with polo hobby, and blamed the depletion of the country’s wealth on him. His political opponent in the show was a left-wing, female, progressive history professor. This, of course, caused some pointed comments online.

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