Amazon’s Jack Ryan has an ending in sight. This is according to Deadline. John Krasinski stars as the CIA analyst Jack Ryan, and he signed on for four seasons when this started.


Season one and two have already aired. Season three is in the can and season 4 is shooting now. Season three will air this year, season four next year. After that, according to the report, it’s done. Krasinski is also executive producer and has, according to reports, effectively been co-showrunner for the last two seasons.

Krasinski wanting to clear his diary? Wonder what could be about to start taking up a lot of his time?


Season one of Jack Ryan was strong. Season two struggled to live up to that standard while straining its credibility with a clumsy political switcheroo around the real situation in Venezuela to better reflect Hollywood sensibilities.

It is rumored that Amazon Studios, Paramount TV Studios, and Skydance TV are thinking of a potential spinoff series headlined by Michael Pena (Ant Man) as Domingo ‘Ding’ Chavez. In the books he was introduced in Clear And Present Danger and went on to be the right-hand man of hardass CIA operator John Clark across a number of books.


Pena will apparently be introduced in the final episode of season 3, which will see Ryan on the run after being wrongly implicated in a conspiracy. As well as finding himself suddenly a fugitive, he has to race to prevent a massive global conflict.

When you look at the history of Jack Ryan onscreen, you clearly see that The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear And Present Danger are the strongest. These are the movies that stuck closest to the books. When they start to veer wildly, or abandon the books altogether, like The Sum Of All Fears and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, they are considerably weaker and less successful.

Now, Hollywood, it is almost as if the universe is trying to give you some sort of sign. What do you think it could be?

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