Nicholas Cage is an Oscar winner, a Golden Globe winner and a SAG Award winner. He also starred in a triumvirate of the best action movies the late 1990’s had to offer in the exquisite, bonkers three-way explosion fest that was The Rock, Con Air and Face-Off as he walked, in slow-motion with an explosion behind him, into the mainstream and to the top of the box office.

He had an all-American franchise in the form of the National Treasure movies and was voted in the top 100 movie actors of all time, and the 37th most powerful man in Hollywood according to Premiere Magazine.

So what happened? How come he is to be found buried on the direct-to-DVD or streaming releases rather than all over the multiplex? As usual it was over extension of expenditure, tax issues, and a little bit too much enjoyment. So he has to work, and work a lot, on anything that comes his way.

Which is a shame, as surely the time for the Cage Renaissance should be upon us? The guy is born to play a comic book villain, possibly a Bond villain or some kind of washed up anti-hero. #freecageĀ from movies that are, frankly, beneath him.

Maybe the time has come. Maybe going meta will be the springboard back from movie oblivion? The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent could be that movie. The story follows a hyper realized version of Cage, who accepts $1 million to attend the birthday of a super fan and billionaire in the form of Pedro Pascal. Pascal is also a criminal kingpin.

When things get out of hand and Cage finds himself in mortal danger, he is forced to become his most iconic and famous on-screen characters in order to save himself and rescue others.

Now Tiffany Haddish has signed up to join him. Haddish will play Vivian, a rogue government agent who is running this off the books operation and blackmails Cage into taking the assignment.

Tom Gormican will direct. He co-wrote with Kevin Etten. Shooting will start this autumn with Lionsgate bankrolling.