Serious question. Has anything truly great ever come out of a writers room? Has any issue ever been solved in a big meeting? Or a world changing innovation ever created by committee? Did any great work of art ever come from a session where there was an agenda and the minutes were published?

In a world where fewer and fewer things feel like they were crafted with genuine love, passion and respect, almost everything begins to just feel like content. Content that was created without a singular vision. A compromise among a room that became an echo chamber and was bound to end up as bland, milquetoast and devoid of greatness.


Surely the greatest cinematic entertainment art is created by a singular vision, with some focus and intensity? Sure, lean on a trusted collaborator to help polish, but a whole room?

These are the thoughts that were going around in my head today as I read the news, from Twitter via Dark Horizons, that the writers room is open for Welcome To Derry. This is the prequel to IT that is coming to HBO Max. Writer Shelley Meals confirmed the news via social media.

The rumors are that this will uncover the the origin of Pennywise the Clown and the 27-year curse that hangs over Derry. It will be set in the 1960s, at least in flashback.


IT movie director Andy Muschietti is set to direct, which will give him something to take his mind off wondering what the heck Warner Bros. are going to do with The Flash now Ezra has gone mental again. Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs make up the producer layer, with the Muschiettis and Fuchs developing the story to start with.

No airdate is set for Welcome To Derry yet.