Marvel introduced a lot of strange characters throughout the Silver and Bronze ages. One of the characters that interacted with these concepts the most frequently was Thor. Below are just a few examples.


Tana Nile

First Appearance – Thor 129 (June 1966)

Tana Nile was from a humanoid, alien race called the Rigellians that wanted to conquer and colonize Earth. Disguised as a human she was Joan Foster’s roommate during the early stages of her mission.

After Thor battles her race on their planet Regel-3 and arranges with them that they will cease their invasion of Earth if Thor stops a threat to their existence from the Black Galaxy. Thor agrees and is successful in his mission (more on that in a second).

Eventually, Thor crosses paths with Tana Nile again and she becomes an ally to the Asgardians and an important part of the cast of Thor supporting characters for a time (more on that a little later).

Ego The Living Planet

First Appearance – Thor 132 (September 1966)

The mission that the Regellians sent Thor on was to defeat Ego the Living Planet, a sentient planet with a face that acts like a normal humanoid face. But planet-sized.

Ego was once a humanoid alien but when his planet faced destruction he attempted to save it and his people, and in the process, his consciousness merged with this world.


First Appearance – Thor 154 (July 1968)

Mangog is a foe that has plagued Thor for years. He is the physical manifestation of the hatred of a billion beings from a race that was slaughtered by the Norse Gods. He is physically unstoppable and can only be stopped by psychic energies.

He also has a cool look that Jack Kirby pulled off the best.

Silas Grant

First Appearance – Thor 197 (March 1972)

Silas Grant is basically a normal human being working as a steamboat captain. So why is he on this list?

Silas was from the Blackworld planet, which Ego performed rapid evolution on, which took the world from medieval times to the late 19th century in a matter of hours.

He went on several adventures with Sif, Thor, and Tana Nile.

Xorr The God-Jewel

First Appearance – Thor 214 (August 1973)

Xorr is a sentient crystalline planet creature compacted into human form. Thor encountered him while trying to rescue Lady Sif who had been sucked inside Xorr while searching the cosmos for Balder the Brave.

Thor defeated by Xorr by tricking him into absorbing the power of a sun that was about to go supernova, which destroyed him. Mercurio, the 4-D Man aided Thor and rescued Sif, and in the process collected several fragments of the God Jewel, which could be used to sustain energy on his homeworld of Gramos indefinitely.

Beta Ray Bill

First Appearance – Thor 337 (November 1983)

Beta Ray Bill is a horse-headed alien of the Korbinite race. He encountered Thor initially when Nick Fury sent Thor to investigate a spacecraft headed towards Earth. Bill and Thor battle and Bill gets possession of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, which grants him the power of Thor as he is worthy of the power.

Odin proposes a battle between the Thor and Bill to the death in order to determine who will possess Mjolnir. The battle ends in a stalemate and Odin creates a hammer for Bill called Stormbreaker.

Thor and Bill have been allies ever since.