The Mummy, with Brandon Fraser and Rachel Weisz, was stupidly good fun, a true summer blockbuster, with great action and adventure. Then came The Mummy Returns, which wasn’t as good and also gave birth to the Scorpion King, played by The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson.

This then lead to a spin-off movie, The Scorpion King, the story everyone wanted to see! There were even three sequels to The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior, Battle for Redemption and Book of Souls, which even The Rock didn’t want to star in, but then, they went straight to DVD, so that would mean not enough people would see him in it.

It was announced last year that Universal had asked Johnson and his production partner, Hiram Garcia, to reboot the Scorpion King franchise. Since then, nothing had been heard about the project.

Recently, in an interview, Garcia was asked about the reboot and here’s what he had to say:

“Universal had come to us and really wanted to figure out how we can open up that world again. So we’ve been having a lot of fun figuring out how we want to crack that. But that is in the works. We’re looking at bringing a Scorpion King world back to life. And it’s such a special property because for me, it was my first film I ever worked on. It’s when I realized I wanted to be a producer.”

“It was DJ’s first starring role. So there’s a lot of love for that franchise. And if we can figure out how to bring it back to the fans in a fun way, it would be really rewarding for us.”

Although, Johnson has said he wouldn’t be reprising his role as the King himself. I’m guessing that means it’s more rewarding for Garcia than it would be for Johnson since it doesn’t look like there’s enough money for him to play the role again. It’ll be OK though, they can just CGi him again.

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