Can it be true?  Is The Rocketeer finally getting a sequel?  It has been rumoured since the original came out in 1991 but nothing ever saw the light of day.

Now the director of Sleight, JD Dillard, has volunteered to direct.

It was more than four years ago when Disney first discussed the new plan for a sequel or follow up.  The Rocketeers was to be a sequel to the 1938 movie which was itself based on a comic by Dave Stephens.  Disney had hired Dave Stevens, Max Winkler and Matt Spicer to write the script.

Back then it was to be a direct sequel, not a reimagining or remake.  The story was set in the Cold War and a young African American female pilot was to discover the original jet pack and use it to stop a Russian plot.

The DisInsider has reported that the sequel is back on, but there is no news if the synopsis has changed again.

Interestingly the strong rumour is that it will be a direct to Disney+ production, not a theatrical release.  Boomerang writer Azia Squire is onboard.  As is Brigham Taylor as producer fresh from Lady And The Tramp.

Dillard tweeted last week:

“Dear universe, I would like to make the sequel to this movie.”

We wait to see if plans and storylines change and what the links may be to the original.

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