Tulsa King has been doing pretty well and everyone loves Stallone in it. He has been an actor for over 50 years now and can certainly be given the title of ‘legend’ since he created characters like Rocky and Rambo.


Stallone has been just as active behind the camera as he has been in front of it. He is listed as a writer, producer, and director, for many movies and not just his own, but he wrote movies like Staying Alive and Homefront.

In an interview with Indiewire about Tulsa King, he was asked if he would like to write and direct again, Stallone said:

“I might, but maybe not the acting. I doubt the acting aspect of it. I think this might be my swan song.”

One of the Rocky movies that Sly didn’t write or direct, was Rocky V, which is considered one of the worst of the series, and was such a box office flop, it took 16 years for Rocky to get back up off the canvas and hit back with Rock Balboa (2006).

Sly’s brother, Frank Stallone, once said:

“Every time you direct your own thing, it always works, every time you try to bring someone else in because you want to go out and play golf, it doesn’t work.”

Sly is still going to be seen on the big screen since Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Expendables 4 are due out. Even if he does retire from acting, it’ll be good to know he’s still making movies.

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