Is Margot Robbie Quitting Harley Quinn? Less than a month ago we did an article on how Margot Robbie was thinking twice about whether to play Harley Quinn again. The star had stated that Harley was too exhausting to keep playing.

The Suicide Squad

Well, now she’s saying she’s not done with Harley Quinn. She originally shot Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad almost back to back in one year and then stated:

“It was kind of back-to-back filming Birds… and filming this, so I was kind of like, oof, I need a break from Harley because she’s exhausting, I don’t know when we’re next going to see her. I’m just as intrigued as everyone else is.”

She said that last month, but now she is saying:

“No, I’ve had enough of a break. I’m ready to do her again. I did ‘Birds of Prey‘ and ‘The Suicide Squad‘ back-to-back, so that was a lot of Harley all in a one-year period, but that was a while ago now. I’m always ready for more Harley!”

What did she do on that ‘break’? Did she manage to get to the bank and deposit any DC paychecks, then wait 4 working days for them to clear?

Robbie is cast for an up-and-coming movie called Gotham City Sirens, where she plays… Harley Quinn. This was cast before she said the first quote above!

I think what we can take from all of this is that Margot Robbie will be playing Harley Quinn for a long time to come, well, at least until she’s too exhausted again. Then maybe have another break.

The Suicide Squad is getting rave reviews with people calling it surprisingly violent, gory, and insane fun. Maybe the buzz building around that also helped change her mind on playing Harley Quinn again?

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