There may or may not be a civil war going on at Disney. A brief sum up would be: The movies were crap, Mando was great. Someone/people didn’t like the success of Mando and, through one thing and another, had Gina Carano fired! I’m sure you know the story.

It seemed that Gina wasn’t just fired from Disney, but whomever it was wanted to make sure she never worked in Hollywood again! They tried to get all of the Cara Dune toys off the shelves and they wanted to cancel an episode of her on Running Wild With Bear Grylls. They wanted her completely buried!

What they didn’t count on was the fans and how much they loved Gina and hated the movies. The backlash on Disney was pretty severe, #canceldisneyplus started trending, people un-subbed, the numbers of subs was rumored to have slowed down, the numbers for WandaVision were said in some quarters to not have been where they should have been.

How much of the above is true and how much in internet axe-grinding made up by the usual online suspects is unclear.

It now turns out that the episode of Running Wild will air.

Forbes ran an article about the unbalanced treatment of Gina, which was one of the first times recently that Disney had been openly professionally criticized and in such a public fashion.

Is the un-cancelled episode of Running Wild showing that Disney was wrong in the way they treated her and that she’s going to be OK in the long term?

I was going to post a photo of Kathleen Kennedy, but ended up with a broken monitor. I am guessing she won’t be watching Running Wild any time soon.

Read the full article at Pirates & Princesses 

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