It’s been a while but we have new Ezra Miller news! Yesterday, Miller pled not guilty to charges of felony burglary and petit larceny in Vermont. This means if he is found guilty, he could end up doing bird for a maximum of 26 years and $2,000 in fines.

The (Alleged) Crimes

Miller appeared in Bennington Superior Court virtually with his lawyer. He is accused of breaking into a neighbor’s home on 1st May 2022. Allegedly, he stole three bottles of alcohol – gin, vodka, and rum – from the property while the homeowners were not present. After collecting statements and reviewing surveillance footage, police charged Miller with felony burglary.

According to Miller, he was present in the unoccupied home to look for a recipe for their mother, who allegedly had informed the homeowner that Miller would be arriving. 

Ezra Miller Sarcasm

Muh Mental Health

Miller was allowed by Judge Kerry A. McDonald-Cady to remain out of jail during the legal proceedings under a number of conditions, most notably that the actor “can’t have any contact with the neighbors, either by phone, in person, email, text, posting on social media” as well as “can’t abuse or harass them.” 

In addition to pleading not guilty to the charges, Ezra Miller has said that he was suffering from mental health issues at the time and is undergoing treatment. 

Soon after the hearing, Miller’s attorney released a statement:

“Ezra would like to acknowledge the love and support he has received from his family and friends, who continue to be a vital presence in his ongoing mental health.”

As we all know, Miller has been on a rampage of self-destruction for the good part of 18 months now. This includes (alleged) assault, fighting, intimidation, harassment, and ultimately grooming.

We “little people” would have been banged up on remand for less than half the amount of crazy shit he’s done, but then again, we don’t have a $200 million movie coming out next year. If anyone thinks Miller is going to be picking up bars of soap in the prison showers come 2023, then you’re just as crazy as he (allegedly) is.


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