Firstly, don’t get too excited, when I say ‘adult’, I’m talking about more R-rated content, not some of the adult parodies you can find online… umm, so I’m told.

It seems that at the offices of Disney, there is a heated debate on what the future content of the streaming platform should contain. Former CEO and current executive, Bob Iger, would like the platform to stay more focused on family-friendly movies, TV shows and content.

The current CEO, Bob Chapek, want to expand in order to attract more subscribers. It’s been reported that the growth in the fourth quarter isn’t what they hoped for, we reported it HERE.

Since its launch, Disney has done well with their numbers, providing content for the MCU, Star Wars and their own back catalogue, but it’s believed that not all the content they own is available on Disney+. They do own several adult-oriented franchises, that would most likely get TV-MA or R-rating if they were ever shown.

If Disney wants to see the platform grow, they would have to keep up with other streaming services, which do have adult content, like Netflix, Amazon and HBO Max.

Back in February, Star was added to Disney+ in certain international markets. Some of the movies and TV shows on Star are aimed towards a more adult audience, like Sons of Anarchy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Family Guy. Disney also added parental controls, to make sure kids are kept safe from all the blood, guts, swearing and boobs.

Do you think Disney+ should have more adult content? Would it make you subscribe? Or will you do the same and just wait until the last episode of descent show, sub, binge-watch, then cancel?

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