Internet fanboys… ain’t we just the worst? We think we know better than anyone. Even those in charge. Yeah, OK, sometimes we actually do, but not this time. This is not a big story but it is something that happened regarding DC out there on the wild west of the internet that made us, on the early shift, chuckle into our coffee this morning. So we thought we would share it with our Outposters, who like an eye-roll as much as anyone.


Online Twitter outlet DCULeaks dropped a juicy rumor in their feed, talking up Luke Eisner as a leading contender to play Superman in the upcoming Superman: Legacy and stating that the casting process has already begun.


As you can see from the bottom, it came to the attention of a certain person over at DC Studios who is heavily engaged on social media, and might just know a thing or two abut the process and the progress over there. DC Studios co-CEO, writer of Superman: Legacy, potential director of Superman: Legacy – James Gunn. He simply replied that this is false. To which DCULeaks posted…


Yes. How indeed?


Oh internet. Don’t ever change.

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