We shared the trailer for Infinite not that long ago here at Last Movie Outpost. The movie itself is now out for streaming already. The Mark Walberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor led movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua as is now available on Paramount+. Here’s our Infinite review.

The story starts off by explaining there are people called the Infinite and they cannot die. When their bodies die, they can be reborn into a new life. There are two factions to the group. The Believers try to use each life to learn and help mankind, but the Nihilists want to destroy everything and everyone. The battle between the two has been raging for hundreds of years.

There is an opening sequence where there’s a pretty spectacular car chase through Rome, one of the characters has the ‘egg’, something that both sides want. As the chase goes on, it seems that all the protagonists die, but we know they don’t.

We then join Even McCauley (Wahlberg), a man trying to make his way through life. He is self-medicating because of his schizophrenia and, what doctors believe are mental health issues. One thing he can do is make swords and not just any swords. The swords he makes are exactly like they used to make in ancient Japan. Hint dropped!

He winds up in a police interrogation room where he meets Bathurst (Ejiofor) how tries to jog his memory about his pasts lives. He then learns that he has had past lives and he is one of the Infinite and he knows the location of the ‘egg’.

We find that Bathurst is a Nihilist and is sick of not being able to die and is constantly being reborn. He wants the egg since he can use it to destroy all life on earth. No life, no rebirth. Even is then rescued by Nora Brightman (Cookson) who is one of the Believers. They need to unlock all of Even’s previous memories to find the egg.

I’m not going to say much more about the story. It’s pretty good, kind of original, and I didn’t find it predictable. There is nothing I can compare it to, other than a tiny bit of Highlander with a dash of Assassin’s Creed, but that is a very loose comparison. It was nice to see something new and not a remake/redo/reboot/sequel. A decent story with all new characters.

I did think Mark Wahlberg wasn’t quite the right choice as the main character. I like him, he’s a good actor in the right role, but this role just didn’t seem like it was written for him. Maybe he was a second choice?

The rest of the cast is good. I love Chiwetel Ejiofor who, as usual, gives everything his best. He did remind me a little bit of the role he played in Serenity, but that’s a minor point. It’s always nice to see Toby Jones and Liz Carr in movies like this.

The action is good. Fuqua is an accomplished director and he brings his A-Game here. Some of the action sequences are really good and very edge-of-your-seat stuff. I was thoroughly enjoying it but, just at the end, there is one moment that’s supposed to look amazing but it made me laugh out loud. It was stupidly over the top, but this is a minor complaint.

I felt there was more to tap into in the film. More could have been done around the history of each person which could have opened up the characters a little more. The past is touched upon but I would like to have seen it expanded more. Again it’s a minor thing.

Is Infinite worth watching? Yes! It’s pretty original and has good action with as good cast. I really enjoyed it. It’s not a perfect movie with the few niggles I mentioned above but not enough to stop your enjoyment of it.

So that’s our Infinite review. It is now streaming on Paramount+.

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