Indiana Jones 5 had a promising looking trailer shown at a recent Disney event. However some reports surfacing online say test audiences aren’t reacting well, particularly to the ending. It is worth pointing out that most of the outlets reporting this are not exactly verified and have shown crusader like zeal against everything Lucasfilm have presented since the Disney acquisition.

John Williams Indy

At Last Movie Outpost we don’t have an irrational hatred of the way Lucasfilm treat most of the properties they own these days. Our hatred is entirely rational. Exhibit A is this.

Even though Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford has stated he is done playing the character after this fifth movie, Disney is apparently exploring a number of options to keep the franchise going. Notwithstanding the fact that the time to turn the character into an ever-re-casting, James Bond type franchise was around 1995 and now the boat has been missed.

The story in Variety says that Disney are actively looking to develop Indiana Jones as a TV series for Disney+. Well done once again, Kathleen Kennedy. Under your watch yet another of the greatest cinematic franchises of all time is to be relegated to TV, joining Star Wars.

Disney and Lucasfilm have been having general meetings with writers and the subject has been raised by them in these meetings. Unable to manage to effectively bring Indiana Jones to the screen just once a decade, they now want to do it every week for several weeks, at least once a year? With Lucasfilm meddling and creative interference that has killed off as many Star Wars projects as have been announced? Good luck with that!

Disney must have the most supine and unengaged shareholders on the planet if they aren’t asking serious questions as to just what the hell is going on within the $4 billion acquisition.

It is not known if it is a prequel like The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles or if another direction will be taken.

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