KK Confirms News At BAFTA’s

The next film in the Indiana Jones franchise will see Harrison Ford return to the title role, rather than recast for a reboot.

Fans had speculated whether the film would be a reboot, with Chris Pratt and Taron Egerton among the names rumoured to play a younger Indy, but all these have been debunked by producer Kathleen Kennedy.

Speaking to the BBC on the 2020 BAFTA red carpet, she explained the status of the upcoming feature –

“We’re working away getting the script where we want it to be and then we’ll be ready to go. Harrison Ford will be involved. It’s not a reboot, it’s a continuation.

When asked whether Ford, 77, is “up for” returning to the action-packed role, she said –

“He can’t wait, he absolutely is.”

Following the death of his character in The Force Awakens, Ford recently made a fleeting cameo in The Rise of Skywalker as Han Solo, another of his most iconic roles.

A fifth film in the series has been in the works for several years now, and this project is currently scheduled for release on 9th July 2021.