Blumhouse keeps powering on. Now multiple Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan (Skyfall, Penny Dreadful) is set to make his directorial debut with them. The director will also write the script for Whistler Camp.

Whistler Camp

They are currently casting for camp attendees and counselors or, as they will clearly become, victims. The movie is described as a queer empowerment story set at a gay conversion therapy camp.

The practice has come under pressure from as high up as President Obama to be outlawed. It causes controversy because many therapies start from an assumption that homosexuality is an abnormality that was caused by childhood abuse or trauma. Others treat it as a sin to be driven away by prayer. There have also been reports of physical and mental abuse during the process at the hands of some practitioners. Fertile grounds for a horror movie.

Whistler Camp

Logan has many notable film credits to his name including Spectre, The Last Samurai, Sweeney Todd, Rango, Alien: Covenant, and Any Given Sunday.

He’s also the creator of Penny Dreadful, which suggest that Whistler Camp could be fairly stylish with some scares. No plot details for the film have been shared at this time, leaving many to wonder what type of horror movie Whistler Camp will be.

Ryan Turek overseeing the film for Blumhouse. Jason Blum and Michael Aguilar will produce. No release date or release strategy is yet known.

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