Series Being Developed For Netflix

Filmmaker David Lynch is in the process of developing a new series for Netflix which has the working title Wisteria.

Lynch has not directed a feature film since Inland Empire in 2006, though he has remained busy in recent years, creating a new season of Twin Peaks in 2017, and releasing his short film What Did Jack Do? in 2019.

Welcome to Twin Peaks reports that Lynch’s first major project since Twin Peaks: The Return will be called Wisteria, a new series for Netflix.

Industry trade Production Weekly lists the project with a start date of May 2021 and will be filmed at Calvert Studios, where parts of Twin Peaks: The Return was shot. Lynch will write and direct and will be produced by frequent collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland.

Back in April 2020, Lynch spoke about the possibility in an interview with THR that there were rumours surrounding him working on a Netflix show but confined them to just rumours.

When asked about a secret Netflix project, Lynch responded –

“There’s all kinds of rumours. I’ve got a show called What Did Jack Do? on Netflix right now. It’s a great show about a monkey. It’s something you’ve got to see. And it will really help you in quarantine.”

That’s all we know for now!