A Short Was Set To Hit Theaters This Year Too

20th Century Fox has announced that the animated TV show Bob’s Burgers will be coming to theaters in an all-new animated feature film.

The series centres on the Belcher family – parents Bob and Linda and their children Tina, Gene and Louise – who run a hamburger restaurant, and features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz, John Roberts and Eugene Mirman

Show creator Loren Bouchard said –

“We’re thrilled to be invited to bring Bob’s Burgers to the big screen. We want to thank Stacey and everyone at 20th Century Fox Film and Gary and Dana at FTG [Fox Television Group] for being such great supporters. We know the movie has to scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had, but it also has to work for all the good people who’ve never seen the show. We also know it has to fill every inch of the screen with the colors and the sounds and the ever so slightly greasy texture of the world of Bob’s – but most of all it has to take our characters on an epic adventure. In other words, it has to be the best movie ever made. But no pressure, right?!”

Earlier this year, Bouchard directed a short film called My Butt Has A Fever, and had planned a theatrical release for both the short and the feature – both now delayed due to the pandemic.

The short, focusing on the Belcher kids – Louisa, Tina and Eugene – singing a song also called ‘My Butt Is A Fever’, was set to screen ahead of film screenings in a similar way to Disney’s tactic of screening The Simpsons short film Playdate With Destiny ahead of Onward.

Discussing the change of plans, Bouchard said –

“First of all, there are no theatres to release it into and, second of all, would anyone want to go see the Belcher kids sing a song called ‘My Butt Has a Fever’?

“Of course, we’re hoping at some point it’ll be okay again, but talk about pre-COVID plans getting changed.”

“We talked about [streaming] as it pertains to the movie and we decided we really want the movie to come out in theatres because Bob’s is already on TV,”

The Bob’s Burgers movie is currently slated for an April 9th, 2021 release.

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