Outposters, the end of the year draws close. By this weekend it will be Christmas 2022. A whole year will have nearly passed. Another year of Last Movie Outpost, where our mission simply to provide a home and a community for the online movie diaspora remains as important to us, and our community, as it did just a few short years ago when a few (mostly drunken) idiots thought:

“Yeah… how hard can it be?”

A whole year of movie and entertainment for us to feast on, enjoy, or be bitterly disappointed by.

As we stop, think, reflect and celebrate the year that has passed it is important that we, as a community that has become the last bastion of movie sanity on the entire internet, take a moment to reflect on those we have lost in 2022 with you, our beloved Outposters.

It was, by some measure, a year of loss. Our resident video creator Boba Phil has marked the passing of this year with a reflection on those we lost to Hollywood and its inherent idiocy.

The eulogy is the moment at which the deceased is brought close, and also the time when they step away. It is at once a greeting and a letting go. So here we let a massive one go… and then chuckle to ourselves as we clear the room and blame the dog.

Here is to 2023, as fuck knows it can hardly get any worse… can it?

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