The horror movie has long been a staple of the cinema. Some of the earliest movies were horror movies. They are still very popular today, with a company like Shudder turning out 200–300 a month, all of great quality and original scripting.

Going through the archives again, we found an old How To Make A Movie Series of Instructional Films from the Last Movie Outpost. This is a step by step guide on how to make a modern horror movie.

It all seems simple enough. I doubt that John Carpenter will mind if you make a new Halloween movie, since it’s money for all rope for him. The good thing is that all the Halloween fans out there will love it, no matter what it’s like.

If you are having trouble sourcing blood, simply head to your local blood bank and ask them nicely for it. If not there, your local abattoir has tonnes of the stuff they need to get rid of.

Also, don’t forget those jump scares. It’s easy for people to think you know what you’re doing if you just pop in a huge jump after some silence. It’s an old trick but it really works for horror.

Next from the archives that we are cleaning out is How to Make a Fast & Furious Movie, so stay tuned.

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