We’ve been digging through the archives again and found another of our How to Make a Movie Series of Instructional Films, this time, How to Make a Gross Out Comedy.

Obviously, the best gross out comedies are the Carry On movies, with their naughty innuendos and side splitting jokes. For modern movies, you have to consider the American audience, who aren’t quite as high brow as the British.

Fortunately, this How To has a step by step guide of what you will need to make a modern gross out comedy.

Things like a story aren’t very important, since you can paste over it with lots of swearing. American’s seem to think the more swearing there is, the funnier the movie is for some reason.

You will need comic actors to replace the likes of Sid James, Benny Hill, and Charles Hawtry, but finding someone who is actually funny might give you some trouble. Have you ever seen Will Farrell make anyone laugh?

We hope you have enjoyed this new episode of our How to Make a Movie Series of Instructional Films, we will be dusting off more soon.

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