We’ve been through the archives again, dusted off some old 16mm film and transferred it to digital for you all to enjoy. Is anyone buying into this cheesy crap? Anyways, today, we have a How to Make a Fast & Furious Movie instructional film for you.

The Fast & Furious movies started out about a cop trying to stop a gang stealing DVD players and video recorders. The last one had a car launched into space to destroy a satellite.

The hardest part about making a Fast & Furious movie these days is finding a plausible story line, but it seems that’s not a big issue any more. So you could have vampires, time travel or dinosaurs in your movie, it really doesn’t matter.

Make sure all of your actors have the three Bs – Big, Brave and Bald. It probably wouldn’t hurt if some of the women were bald as well.

You will also need a lot of stunts. Remember, the stunt driving should be performed by stunt drivers. Are you listening Paul Walker?

There are still more of the How to Make a Movie series of instructional films to come, so stay tuned.

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