The Last Movie Outpost has actually been running for many years, as far back as the early 1940s. We have recently found some old 16mm educational films that have been produced by the early LMO team. This is the first of them: How To Make A B-Movie.

There are lots of things you need to make a B-Movie. A script, special effects, actors, and a pretty lady. This film shows how you can get these things and produce your own movie. I don’t know who the British guy is doing the narration, but he sounds sexy in an intelligent way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the educational film about B-movies. There are more to come, How To Make A Marvel Blockbuster, How To Make An Exploitation Movie.

Are there any other How To Make A… educational films that you would like to see? That we could find in our archive and are totally not just throwing together at the moment?

How To Make

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