Ahead of House Of The Dragon, it seems to be fashionable to pile-on Game Of Thrones these days. It ended in a manner many people found unsatisfying, but endings are hard. Just ask JJ Abrams. This also seems to do it a disservice and forget that for preceding seasons it brought us some truly epic, amazing, and enthralling television.


This was fantasy, for God’s sake. A genre forever tainted with the image of being liked by the kind of people who wore a lot of man-made fibers, spent weekends painting small lead figures, and had never seen a real, live woman naked.  Suddenly it was appointment television. Everyone was watching it, and everyone was talking about it. The fact it even exists is a staggering achievement given the scale and the budget. I am just thankful it existed at all, and was as good as it was.

It was therefore inevitable that we would, one day, return to Westeros. The Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon, will do that and once again we get to watch the most bloodthirsty, betrayal; ridden game of musical chairs in all of creation.

Set two centuries before the events of the original series, House of the Dragon features the ancestors of the Targaryen clan. Former Doctor Who Matt Smith heads up the cast as Daemon Targaryen, who covets the throne currently occupied by his brother, Viserys (Paddy Considine).

This is the Game Of Thrones prequel that proceeded after a previous attempt, The Long Night, was canned after HBO saw the unaired pilot. That was created by Jane Goldman and starred Naomi Watts and Naomi Ackie. The Long Night was said to be set during the Age of Heroes, roughly 5,000 years before the Iron Throne was created.

Following the release of some early footage for House Of The Dragon a few months ago, HBO has now released a more complete teaser for the upcoming show. Check it out.

House Of The Dragon will hit screens in August this year. The question is, will it capture the zeitgeist like its predecessor?

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