While off work and being left alone from the chores of wife and kids I managed to catch up on some films that were shown on UK TV’s Horror Channel which I can’t usually view.

I managed to get through two a day but as most of them are cheap and poor I have listed three which might be worth your time below.

Kill Command (2016) – 3/5

Kill Command (2016) Movie Poster

What drew me to this film? Well, it has Princess Margaret in it, more accurately Princess Margaret from Netflix’s The Crown.  In what must be an early appearance from Vanessa Kirby (Mission Impossible: Fallout, Hobbs And Shaw).

The film is set in the near future where androids are taking over from humans in doing mostly everything.  Kirby plays one of the androids who is working for ‘The Company’, who are developing killer robots to sell to the world’s militaries.  So The Company wants a good field test so they send off a bunch of grunts to a remote island along with Kirby’s android to oversee performance.

It doesn’t take long before it starts to go pear-shaped, and for the grunts to find out that the robots have been programmed a bit too well, especially one command droid which has broken its Asimov Three Laws of Robotics, which is staging a revolution.

The film has an interesting premise and some good set pieces but it is not on the little-known Horror Channel for no reason.  Cheap budget and acceptable CGI.  Kirby shows that she is above all this though but fully commits to her role.

Cast of Kill Command
Vanessa Kirby and Cannon Fodder

Honeymoon (2014) – 3/5

British actors Harry Treadaway (Mr. Mercedes, Penny Dreadful) and Rosie Leslie (The Good Fight, Game Of Thrones) play American newlyweds that go into the middle of nowhere on honeymoon.

After a few days of a happy marriage, the husband wakes through the night to see lights flashing through the trees outside the cottage.  Then more disturbingly finds his wife wandering around outside.  Sleepwalking she says… maybe nothing to do with the flashing lights in the middle of the woods or the strange marks that have appeared on her thighs.

Rose Leslie’s character shows more signs of something unsettling going on and is unable to answer basic questioning from her husband.  The tension builds to a scene that mirrors The Exorcist’s Reagan crucifix scene and a satisfying end.

Not a bad film, again on a low budget and most of the screen time is these two actors and how their relationship deteriorates following some otherworldly interference.

Cast from Honeymoon
Honeymoon Cast

Exists 2014 – 3.5/5

Exists (2014) Movie Poster

What interested me in this film was it was written and directed by Eduardo Sanchez who was half of The Blair Witch Project team, a film I love.

The premise is young teens finish their school term and go to an uncle’s shack in the middle of the woods.  A continuing theme with these films.  And as you do, you arm yourself with handheld video cameras and document the trip.  While carelessly driving at night and having no respect for possible pedestrians they hit something walking along the road.  All that is left is some strange matted hair on the front of the car.

So the teens arrive at the cabin, fun and games ensue until something in the woods starts hunting them.  The usual trope of one by one being picked off.  As with the Blair Witch Project,  Sanchez is able to make some memorable set pieces using the instability of the handheld cameras and the character and your point of view swirling around and catching things with the corner of your eyes.

I didn’t like the ending and none of the actors made any noticeable impact on me but I did like the creature effects, the shocks of the attacks and the feeling of helplessness as you know the character doesn’t have a chance all seen through the cameras.


The same week I managed to watch Hatchet (homage to 80’s slasher films and swamps) and Midsommar (Hereditary Vs. The Wicker Man) but that might be for another time.  Hopefully, readers can provide other little known gems for me to look out down below.