If your family is anything like mine, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time playing board games and working on puzzles during this never-ending quarantine of 2020. If so, chances are you’re looking for a new game to try out, like ours was just a day ago.

We decided to give Horrified, based on the Universal Monsters and their supporting cast a try. We enjoyed it quite a bit and I think the audience here at LMO will as well.

The Basics

The game is a co-operative game so all of the players are working together to destroy 2 (or 3) of the Universal Monsters: Dracula, Wolfman Frankenstein, The Bride, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and my personal favorite, The Invisible Man.

There are 7 Hero characters to choose from (randomly) each with their own special ability. The player’s turns are broken up into 2 parts.

The first is controlling the Hero character. You can move, pick up items that will add you in destroying the monsters, help villagers (characters such as Elizabeth from Frankenstein and Renfield from Dracula) get from point A to point B (which will provide you with bonus cards) and eventually destroy the monsters.

The second part of your turn is controlling the monsters. This is done via cards that have 3 functions: putting new items on the board, a set of directions such as “Move Dracula to the Crypt”, and lastly, movement and attack instructions for the monsters.

Each monster has 2 phases to their defeat. You have to accomplish a task prior to your ability to destroy them and this criterion is specific to each monster. Both phases are accomplished using items (Red = physical,  Yellow = supernatural, and Blue = intellectual. For instance, players have to destroy Dracula’s four coffins (with red items) before he can be destroyed (with yellow items).

Meanwhile, the monsters are hunting you. If a player is injured by a successful monster attack they begin their next turn in the Hospital. If a villager is attacked successfully they are removed from the game permanently. Either of these attacks increases the Terror Level. If this happens seven times the game is over and the players lose.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a pretty hard game, but winning is possible. It will take you almost to the maximum terror level before you can win if you are playing with four players (the fewer players, the easier it is since there are more targets for the monsters to attack). We’ve played twice (Dracula and The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man and The Wolfman) and won both times, but we were close to losing both times (Terror Level of 6 twice).

  • My 2 kids (7 & 10) were able to pick it up easily and play with my wife and I with no problems (it’s no harder than something like Ticket to Ride to play).

Ravensburger makes an overall great product and this game is no exception. High-quality pieces and a board that is durable and pleasing to the eye help make the game even more enjoyable.

Highly recommended.