Who loves themed restaurants? Who loves fully interactive dining experiences? Who has ever read a Batman comic, watched a Batman television show, sat in the movie theater while watching Dark Knight, or whatever else Batman entertainment-wise, and thought –

“I really want to have dinner at Gotham and want to pay a lot of money to do so”?

Oh, no one? Cool! Because guess what? Wonderland Restaurant Group, a UK based restaurant group is fulfilling your wish!

A Batman-themed, fully interactive restaurant named after the alley where young Bruce Wayne’s parents died, Park Row is set to open! But wait, it gets better! You will dine in an 18,000 square foot basement in the SoHo neighborhood of London!

Do you know what sounds like the best thing ever? Dining in a basement, themed after the alley that two rich folks were gunned down in! With actors waiting for their “big break” playing Gothamites, and “classic DC characters” while serving you your overdone steak.

There will be separate spaces themed after Batman mythology. Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge with international fare; Old Gotham a speakeasy for villains; Pennyworth’s for British sharing dishes, and a Harley Quinn Asian inspired stop (are you kidding?! Really?! What about Harley says “let’s eat sushi!” Oh wait. But it would have to be poisoned fish.).

There will be an interactive dinner theater as well. Prices range from £45 to £120 for the dinner theater experience.

Now, with Rainforest Cafes closing across the globe, and Planet Hollywood’s a memory of us 1990s folks it seems like the only thriving themed restaurant seems to be Dollywood and there’s one of those.

But would anyone be down for this? What would they even serve?