Well DC Fandome is nearly here. This weekend all things DC will be celebrated online in a virtual-con. Ahead of this event Matt Reeves has released some design images from his upcoming tale on The Batman. These include the latest evolution of the Bat symbol.

This artwork is apparently the work of Jim Lee. The symbol would seem to reflect the symbol we have seen on Batman’s chest in the brief teases we have of Robert Pattinson in costume. This is apparently made up of pieces of the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. This is from the comics.

In other big Batman news, Variety have reported a rumor that Ben Affleck will be revealed as starring as Batman / Bruce Wayne in The Flash. Remember, Michael Keaton is also rumored to be returning to the role for that movie. DC legend Grant Morrison confirmed that his version of the script was rejected as they wanted to use Flashpoint.

So this adds weight to our longstanding theory here at the Last Movie Outpost that they will be using The Flash, and Flashpoint, to intorduce the multiverse angle of the DCEU. This will allow Pattinson’s Batman and Phoenix’s Joker to exist alongside Aquaman, Wonder Woman and anything else they want to keep. It elegantly makes everything canon, but releases them from continuity traps and allows them to reboot what they want.

It is also widely expected that the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League will make an appearance at DC Fandome. Ahead of this Snyder has released the briefest, teasiest tease of a tease via video site vero.co.

That doesn’t embed to good, especially for a technical dunce like me, so here’s a link:


The full listings and the chance to build your schedule are at DCFandome.com. Let us know what panels you plan on attending?