A new report says that the last-minute change of direction at Sony and Disney / Marvel was down to one person.  Young star Tom Holland.

After a highly successful stint in the MCU, Sony had decided to go their own way with Spider-Man and the deal to feature the character in the MCU had not been renewed.

Heat Vision now reports that their source claims firmed that in mid-late August any partnership between the two studios was:

“100% dead!”

However, given the fan reaction to the news, and direct feedback Holland received from fans at D23 in late August, the 23-year-old actor spent the next few weeks making multiple appeals to both Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony film chairman Tom Rothman.  He apparently used the fan feedback as leverage into those conversations.

Clearly it worked as a new deal was then announced which seemed to be “win-win”.

Marvel will produce a third Spider-Man for Sony.  Spidey will appear in at least one, possibly more, other MCU movies.

Marvel chief Kevin Feige will be a creative lead.  Disney will earn 25% of net gross on a third Spider-Man, and finance 25% of the budget.

One of the sticking points was rumoured to be that Disney had planned to use Peter Parker as a cipher to try and make Captain Marvel more relatable and likeable, but Sony thought Spider-Man was too important in his own right.

Is this more evidence that Disney / Marvel has realised that Captain Marvel needs work to be a franchise success and team lead?

The new Spider-Man is now targeting a July 2021 release.