It was thought that perhaps his time in the MCU via the ex-SPUMC was done. Spider-Man: No Way Home seemed to draw something of a line under Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, leaving him in a situation from which the character could fade out of the next phases if required.

However, now the rumor is spreading like wildfire that Holland has allegedly signed a multi-picture deal to return.


You know the drill. If it can’t be quantified outside tabloids and online outlets, it gets one of these. It is being reported at The ExpressThe DirectHypeBeastMurphy’s Multiverse, and plus movie Twitter, via such accounts as Alex Perez from The Cosmic Circus, and @Culture_Spider.

The deal is said to include a new Spider-Man trilogy and cameos and bigger appearances in other MCU projects such as the two upcoming Avengers outings. This is win-win for all involved as the MCU needs familiar faces and big characters following the events of Endgame, and Sony don’t seem to be able to produce anything of quality from their Marvel rights without Marvel Studios involved.


Kevin Feige had previously admitted that he and Amy Pascal had begun developing a fourth Spider-Man adventure and that Holland’s Spider-Man and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil were hopefully going to spend more time together. At Comic-Con he referred to them as:

“…street-level heroes…”

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe has had an abortive start. Originally planned to launch from The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring an array of villains and allies from those movies, it was canned when Sony didn’t get the result it wanted from that launch movie.

This incarnation, riding on the back of Holland in the MCU with movies like Venom and Morbius, had made some money but very few critical friends.

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