One minute he’s the villain in Jack Reacher, then he’s voicing the intro to an animated penguin movie.  He’s then involved with an Incident At Loch Ness and The Nosferatu.  A cameo in Parks And Recreation follows a role in The Mandalorian.  You never know quite what Werner Herzog is going to do next.

Now it turns out that he is coolly aloof in some matters of popular culture, and surprisingly connected in others.

Speaking with Variety about his involvement in Disney+’s new show The Mandalorian, he says he knows why Jon Favreau asked him to star:

“I think there are two reasons: One, he has seen some of my performances as an actor and is completely convinced that I should be part of his new series.

Second, I think it’s a bit of an homage to my films and to my storytelling and to my way of putting emphasis on world stories, fever dreams in the jungle, quasi-science fiction stories. I think he sees a kindred spirit in me.”

George Lucas, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau

Herzog admits he doesn’t know what other films Favreau has made, and hasn’t bothered to find out.  Also he confirms he has never seen a Star Wars movie.

So what does he watch?  Well…

“I do, I watch the news from different sources.

Sometimes I see things that are completely against my cultural nature. I was raised with Latin and Ancient Greek and poetry from Greek antiquity, but sometimes, just to see the world I live in, I watch WrestleMania.

You have to know what a good amount of the population is watching. Do not underestimate the Kardashians. As vulgar as they may be, it doesn’t matter that much, but you have to find some sort of orientation. As I always say, the poet must not close his eyes, must not avert them.”

Wrestlemania and the The Kardashians?  Why does the image of Herzog on his couch, with a beer and Hulk Hogan doll, screaming at the TV while wearing a WWE t-shirt fill me with such joy?