I’m an optimist by nature and cling to the hope that we will one day see Henry Cavill back as Superman. After all, he is still “technically” the DCEU’s Man Of Steel.

I’m also a realist and know that with the current batch of fucking idiots decision-makers at DC, I have about as much chance of this happening as I do of Gal Gadot wanting to take me away for the weekend.

But hold the press because there are hot rumours flying around that all may not be completely lost! This is also a completely unsubstantiated rumor from the internet so, as usual, this is rumor control… oh yes, and potential spoilers:

rumour control


Apparently, Cavill’s Superman will have a cameo in The Flash and has already filmed a couple of scenes! We know that Michael Shannon and Antje Traue will be back as Zod and Faora so it makes sense that Superman is also back, but then ‘sense’ and ‘DC’ are currently polar opposites.

The Flash will be based on the excellent comic Flashpoint and deals with time travel and the multiverse. DC seem to hate Snyder, Superman and Cavill and it’s speculated The Flash movie will give DC the perfect excuse to erase the Snyderverse (I typed that through tears of anguish).


We’ve seen images of Ben Affleck’s Batman on set and it’s also rumored that he will get killed off, which leads to Michael Keaton’s Batman taking over and acting as some sort of link between every DC film moving forward, starting with the one DC Superhero film that nobody asked for, Batgirl.

Obviously, none of this makes any sense (there’s that word again) as we are getting Aquadude 2, Shazam 2, and maybe even Wonder Woman 3 – all of which are from Snyder’s vision.

Subject One

Now, before all the ladies get gooey-eyed over the thought of Cavill donning the Superman outfit again, the Superman in Flashpoint is far removed from the Superman we all know and love.

In Flashpoint, Kal-El never landed on the Kent’s Farm and instead crashing directly in Metropolis. The government takes custody of Kal-El and initiates Project Superman, a military project with the sole purpose of creating a supersoldier that could be used against America’s enemies, with Superman being named Subject One.

Superman was kept in a cell, isolated, experimented on and abused. Constantly exposed to red sun radiation leaving him weak, brainwashed and to be frank, a little bit simple. As you will see from the Flashpoint animated film below, he looks like he has AIDS.

Superman AIDS

So chances are not only will the decision-makers at DC be getting all tingly in their nether regions about killing the Snyderverse and erasing Cavill as Superman, but they’ll possibly do it making him look as pathetic and beta as possible.

Oh well, it could be worse I suppose. It’s not like we’ll be getting a race swapped, woke Superman from J.J. Abrams in the near future, right? Oh crap!

Super Skinny Man

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