It’s difficult to feel too sorry for an impossibly handsome multi-millionaire like Chris Hemsworth.  However it is fair to say that, while as Thor he is probably the most likeable member of The Avengers, outside of the MCU his hit rate hasn’t been amazing.

He was the best thing in Ghostbusters 2016, shame about the rest of the movie around him.  Same could be said about the National Lampoon’s Vacation sequel.  Black Hat sank without a trace.  Men In Black International couldn’t leverage his star power or the brand name into success.

12 Strong didn’t smash at the box-office, but it was competently made, exciting and showed Hemsworth had chops in the military action genre.

So now he’s re-teaming with his Avengers buddies Joe and Anthony Russo (producing) for Netflix to bring us Extraction.

Previously titled Dhaka, Hemsworth will start as Tyler Rake.  With a name like that he was only ever going to be a porn star, a stunt man or a mercenary.  Luckily for us, it’s mercenary.

He will play a broken man (aren’t they always?) with a death wish who gets embroiled in a plot to rescue a young boy who is trapped in the city of the former title, as a drug war explodes and two crime lords clash.

David Harbour, Derek Luke and Fay Masterson co-star.  Joe Russo wrote and Sam Hargrave directs.

The movie will be coming direct to your TV via Netflix on April 24th.

Netflix have released some first publicity shots today.