“You Solved The Box, We Came.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spyglass Media has signed director David Bruckner (The Night House) for their Hellraiser reboot.

Clive Barker not only wrote and directed the original Hellraiser (1987) but adapted it from his novella, The Hellbound Heart. The story follows a group of people who come across the Puzzle Box, a device that opens a portal to a hellish dimension populated with Cenobites. These murderous mutilated creatures are dedicated to torture and led by the infamous Pinhead.

The franchise has achieved cult status spawning nine sequels and multiple spin-offs across different mediums.

Bruckner previously directed The Signal, The Ritual, and several episodes of the Creepshow reboot. He also worked on the anthology films V/H/S and Southbound. The reboot will be produced by David S. Goyer and the final screenplay is by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski.

Last year, when the remake was announced, Goyer stated:

“I’ve been a fan of Clive’s work since the original Books of Blood paperbacks and The Hellbound Heart novella. Having the chance to reimagine Pinhead and the Cenobites for a new audience is a nightmare-come-true. Gary is a true fan as well and we’re committed to making something dark and visceral.”

Am I the only one that never gets excited about any of these damned reboots?