What. The. F***.


Oh did you want to see the further adventures of He-Man vs. Skeletor? Well piss off, we have angry feminist Teela show instead!

It actually starts off promising enough. He-Man is attending the ceremony for Teela to become the new Man-At-Arms as her father is retiring, somewhat. Skeletor finally figures out what Grayskull is really all about and is finally able to get in. He-Man gets there and Skeletor destroys all of magic in the universe. He-Man is able to save it by pulling it into the sword of power, splitting it and transforming him back into Adam before both Skeletor and Adam are blown away.

This is where it all falls apart. Teela throws a fit that no one told her and all her parents were lying to her. She leaves, shaves half her hair, gets a friend of color who might be a lover, and puts a big old chip on her shoulder.

You know how these days parents send their kids to college and spend all their money and love to get them on the right track only to have them come home with shaved pink hair, accuse them of lying about the country and begin hating their parents? Yeah, that’s what happens to Teela.

Then it becomes her show because she’s now the star of the show as He-Man takes a powder for the rest of the show. As the show goes on, the bad guys team up with Teela. Yes, she joins Antifa.

This is garbage, insulting garbage, once again designed to tear down what was to make way for crap. Evil-Lyn and Teela discuss how they don’t need no men anymore for half the show, I kid you not. And the patriarchy screwed up this world by destroying magic and tearing up the ozone or something. Teela takes her power in true twitter feminist bullshit platitudes. Oh and Skeletor? He’s an incel. Finally it ends (and begins) with killing He-Man. Yes they are killing masculinity. As much as possible. I swear I’m not making any of this up.

Is it any wonder the rotten tomatoes score is 94% and audience score is 30%?

He Man Score divergence
This is a diversion of Cutie-like proportions.

Seriously, He-Man was never much more than boy’s power fantasy and that’s fine. Update it a little bit and let’s see some fun fighting. But this? This is the dictionary definition of destroying culture. Sure, it’s not high culture but its exactly what has been happening to all our properties. Insulting, stupid, and offensive. Offensive is rarely a word a use for entertainment but also one I’m using more and more.

Stay away. Cancel your Netflix. And tell Kevin Smith to go screw himself.