Prince Adam.  Shy.  Wears a lot of pink.  Has a cat.  Also, he has a secret.  When he grasps his weapon his “Fabulous” powers are unleashed and he becomes glistening, muscle-bound, bondage gear wearing He-Man.  He’s still awkwardly rebuffing the advances of women, while his secret is kept by a close friend with a Village People moustache.  His allies are Ram-Man and Fisto.

He fights a man with a wasting disease, who himself has a hairy Beast Man that he enjoys humiliating, and his crew includes a haughty hag called Evil-Lynn and Lock-Jaw.

In one notable episode, He-Man falls across a rainbow and encounters a lisping pink rabbit in hot pants called Plundor in a place called Trannis.  Plundor openly admires He-Man’s muscles and wants to put them to work for his own satisfaction.

He-Man escapes by riding Plundor’s liquid-filled rocket over the rainbow and into heaven.

Now, I am not sure how much of this will be making it into Sony’s long-gestating live-action He-Man adaption.  However, the rumour is that it could now be on Netflix!

THR reports that Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman is in active talks with Netflix to potentially make the movie for the streaming service.  This would make sense as Sony is still suffering from a string of flops and Netflix is cash-rich.  With Disney+ bringing Star Wars and Marvel to the fight, Netflix needs recognised properties.  And Masters Of The Universe, if done properly, would be very, very expensive.

If it goes forward, it would make them the second studio after Paramount to start making movies belonging exclusively or nearly exclusively Netflix.

Prior year losses, plus the hit they took on Men In Black: International are partially offset by Spider-Man: Far from Home and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood but they still need more.  This could be a good move by Sony.

Netflix already has She-Ra and the Princesses of Power in their stable and has been collaborating with Kevin Smith on an upcoming He-Man animated sequel series titled Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Is the revelation the reason why Prince Adam hasn’t got a girlfriend and that he has something to tell them at Thanksgiving?

Iron Man writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum have been reworking the script and Adam Nee is still locked to direct with his brother Aaron.

A March 5th, 2021 release is fast approaching.