These SnyderVerse rumors will not go away. Whispers of an all-out war between divisions at AT&T over the state of the DCEU continue to grow.

The HBO Max numbers pointed to a staggering success for Zack Snyders Justice League A.K.A. The Snyder Cut.

HBO Max saw this and they want more, and to hell with what Warner Media thinks their plans are. After seemingly making peace with the character of Batman and Bruce Wayne after a rough time in the DCEU a few years ago, Ben Affleck seems to be happy.

HBO Max wants him in the cowl, and they want him badly.

Following the theatrical cut of Justice League, Affleck was set to co-write and direct a very grown-up version of Batman that was said to share the mood of David Fincher’s The Game.

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke would have been the villain, Batman’s nemesis and equal. According to Manganiello himself, this version of Deathstroke would have been like the shark in Jaws. Ever present, lurking and deadly.

Many issues combined saw Affleck retire from the role and that project never happened. Since then, he reversed his decision and suited up for the Snyder Cut reshoots with renewed enthusiasm. He will also appear in The Flash.

HBO Max is said to want to make the Affleck version of Batman a reality, either as an extended movie like Zack Snyder’s Justice League or serialized. Warner Media is resisting, but what of Affleck?

The latest rumor is that Affleck is up for this, with one condition. That Zack Snyder stays involved. without that, he will indeed hang up the cape permanently after The Flash.

This news comes hot on the heels of Suicide Squad director David Ayer once again talking up his version of that movie.


The movie was famously butchered by panicking Warner Bros. executives in the wake of the critical mauling Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice received, even as Snyder’s movie powered to $873 million at the box-office.

Despite Warner executives scrambling to kill the SnyderVerse and everything related to it once and for all, Ayer won’t give up. Clearly, he learned from the Zack Snyder playbook.

“I think the studios see now that there can be canon, there can be non-canon, the fans just want to touch it. They love the characters, they just want to spend more time with it. And people are way more sophisticated about how movies are made and want to be participants in the journey.

There’s room for different things, different versions, different assets being shared with the audience. I think it just helps strengthen the community. But absolute credit to Warner Bros. for supporting Zack and having the courage to explore that.

I get it, it’s a business. It’s frustrating because I made a really heartfelt drama and it got ripped to pieces and they tried to turn it into ‘Deadpool,’ which it just wasn’t supposed to be. And then you take the hit, you’re the captain of the ship, my name was on it.

Even though it didn’t represent what I actually made, I would take all the bullets and be a good soldier. I made an amazing movie. It’s an amazing movie, it just scared the s–t out of the executives.”

There are a large contingent of fans out there who want to see this, and HBO Max wants this kind of content. Warner Bros. can scramble, but this doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

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