Over 5 million HBO Max customers got their subscription via various third parties including Amazon Prime. A lot of those offers are coming to an end. In order to keep hold of those subscribers, HBO Max is coming out swinging.

WarnerMedia is offering a major discount to their Prime users and to all new and returning subscribers. Ad-free, premium HBO Max will be slashed by 50% from $14.99/month to $7.49/month for six months. After that, the rate is back to normal.

This will include customers who sign up to hbomax.com or via Apple, Google, LG, Microsoft, Sony, Roku, and Vizio. Unfortunately, this is the US only. According to Variety, it will also end as an offer on September 26th.

Dune & The Matrix Resurrections for $7.49? That’s gotta hurt their box-office receipts. Have they thought this through?

HBO Max started to roll more globally this year with Latin America and the Caribbean getting online in June. Andorra, Spain, and the Nordics come on-stream any day now, and 2022 will include Central & Eastern Europe and Portugal.

Out to the East, HBO Max programming is made available on existing platforms like HBO Asia or via partner deals.

In the UK, Germany, and Italy everyone is out of luck until 2025 due to an existing deal for HBO programming with Sky TV. However, the big day and date release movies are frequently made available via Sky Box Office (PVOD) on release day. No word yet on whether that is the plan for Dune and Matrix Resurrections, as it was with Godzilla Vs Kong and others.

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