With better copies starting to appear in illegal places online, and VPNs being launched by privateers setting sail for the bay, Warner Bros. and DC Films have moved up The Batman. The HBO Max release will now be available from Monday, April 18th.

The Batman

It will also be for sale via various digital storefronts on the same day. Global VOD markets will launch on Monday evening / Tuesday morning depending on timezones.

The Batman, therefore, hits the Warner Bros. 45 day release window opening exactly. This would indicate that the release window they have set themselves post-COVID is going to be rigidly adhered to.

The ever-reliable Dark Horizons has helpfully mapped out what this means for some of the rest of the Warner Bros. 24 month slate:

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (Cinema: 4/15, HBOMax: 5/30)
Elvis (Cinema: 6/24, HBOMax: 8/8)
DC League of Super-Pets (Cinema: 7/29, HBOMax: 9/12)
Salem’s Lot (Cinema: 9/9, HBOMax: 10/24)
Don’t Worry Darling (Cinema: 9/23, HBOMax: 11/7)
Black Adam (Cinema: 10/21, HBOMax: 12/5)
Creed III (Cinema: 11/23, HBOMax: 1/7/23)
Shazam! Fury of the Gods (Cinema: 12/16, HBOMax: 1/30/23).

Reading this reminds us that there is just so much hangover material from the failed DCEU kicking around. Discovery has a wait on their hands to allow this to clear, unless The Flash really does sweep it all tidily into a pocket universe without confusing fans completely. Another multiverse… yay!

How theaters will feel about this is clear. They would have hoped the 45-day window was a response to COVID recovery and not a permanent fixture. Studios have basically all leveraged the pandemic to slash the previously sacred 90-day release window.

Over the last two years, this has been a battleground between studios and the National Association Of Theater Owners. Looks like the studios are holding firm.

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